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Personal & Caring Pharmaceutical Services in San Antonio, FL

Magnolia Pharmacy strives to provide comprehensive care for every customer, with any need. Our pharmacist, Shannon, is readily available to answer any health-related questions you may have, including when it comes time to sign up for Medicare D. Shannon will help sort through the numerous plans and assist in choosing the right plan for your needs. And if you are ever looking for something rare and/or specific to support your health, we will try to locate it and in most cases, get it here the next day.
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We are proud to provide services including:

Compounding & Pet Compounding
Many medications come in a tablet form of varying sizes, which is not always a suitable or comfortable method for receiving medicine for every patient. Our pharmacist can take the active ingredients and create a prescription best suited for each patient’s physical needs. Working with your prescriber, we can make adjustments to the form of dosage, the medicine’s strength or flavor, and even remove parts of the dosage that cause you allergic reactions. Compounding enables us to provide you with a truly personalized medicine. We can do this for just about any medication including those for skin care, bioidentical hormones and making topical pain medications. Compounding is great for adults, kids and your pets!

If your pet has figured out all of your tricks and you struggle to give them their medications, give us a call or come right in. We’ll compound a medication specific to their needs that will be easy for them to take, and relieve you of this stress.

Specialized Medication Packaging
If you are going through prolonged treatment, are experiencing new health challenges or simply need help organizing your daily medications, our specialized medication packaging can help. We can organize all of your prescriptions into packages labeled by the date and time you need to take them, and how they are to be taken. Being timely and informed is paramount to the success of your health, and we wish to help however we can.
Prescription Fills and Refills
We can fill any prescription your doctor sends us. We do not just do compounding, we can fill standard prescriptions just as they’re written. If you’d like to transfer your prescriptions to our pharmacy, or if you’re new to Magnolia Pharmacy, check out our online portal for quick and easy set up! We also make it our goal to keep wait times short, so you may receive your prescriptions in a timely fashion.
We Carry Traditional Remedies That Are Hard To Find
Pharmaceutical medicine is not the only option for maintaining your health and healing. For this reason, we offer traditional (or “alternative”) remedies for a number of ailments, as well. For example, probiotics are naturally occurring and are not a prescription medicine: they aid in healing problems throughout your digestive tract, improving cholesterol and even strengthening your immune system.You can read more about how probiotics work in our health blog. Did you know that garlic is a strong medicine too? Come on in, we’d be happy to guide you through our traditional remedies!
Free Local Delivery
For the occasions that you’re so sick you do not want to, or are not able to, get out of bed—we are there. We provide free local delivery to our customers because we know not everyone is able to make it in, as well as the importance of receiving your medicine, while not exasperating or spreading your symptoms.

Additional Pharmacy Services:


Online Prescription Services Through RefillRx Mobile App

• Text Notifications When A Prescription Is Filled Or Needs Attention
• Automatic Refills
• Transfer Prescriptions
• Fill New Prescriptions

Vaccinations & Immunizations


Medicare Part D Consulting


Unit Dose Packaging

If you need something, but don’t know if we carry it, give us a call. If we don’t have it in stock, we’ll source it for you—and we’ll do it quick. Contact us at 352-588-3330 or fill out the form below, today!

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