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Magnolia Pharmacy opened its doors to the residents of San Antonio, FL and surrounding communities on May 20, 2013, and is independently owned and operated by Shannon Corkrean, Pharm. D. After a short time working in a chain pharmacy, Shannon knew that is not how she wanted to practice pharmacy. She wanted to make a difference in people's health and be able to offer any service that would help accomplish that goal. That is why she opened Magnolia Pharmacy and offers a wide array of services in an effort to provide more personal, efficient and whole care pharmacy services to the members of her local community.

Magnolia Pharmacy wouldn’t be Magnolia Pharmacy without our wonderful staff. If you can’t tell us apart on the phone, don’t feel bad! We often hear that we all sound alike. But now, if you have only dealt with us over the phone, you can put a face with the voice by checking out our staff profiles!

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Meet Our Staff

At Magnolia Pharmacy, our staff is ready to help you take steps toward improving your health and answer any questions you may have. Meet the team below!


Melissa, Certified Pharmacy Technician

Compounding Technician

I've been a certified technician/compounder at Magnolia Pharmacy since September 2014. I found Shannon off of Craigslist, and it's been a match made in heaven ever since.

My hobbies include being at home as much as possible, the occasional Disney trips with my kids, scratch-offs, and being to bed by 8:00. My greatest achievement is persuading my husband to marry me. Now we have 2 beautiful children. My worst fear is a clown driving a semi during a thunderstorm and it's coming straight at me.


Mary Gude, RPH


I’m Mary Gude. (AKA Mama Mary ). I am a lifelong resident of Pasco County and the San Antonio area. I am a State of Florida registered pharmacist and have been practicing in Pasco County for over 30 years. I have been with Shannon and the Magnolia team for almost 10 years.

I enjoy crafting, flower arranging, and spending time with my family and friends. Friends and family are flowers in the garden of life, we must nourish and tend to them, otherwise they will wilt and fade. So, my friends, come visit us at Magnolia Pharmacy and let our family help take care of your family.



Pharmacy Technician

I have been working at Magnolia Pharmacy for nearly 5 years. You may hear my voice if you are on hold or in our videos on social media. I enjoy patient interaction and serving the community! 

I am married to my amazing husband, Pete, and have a beautiful daughter with one more daughter on the way. 

I am also a licensed esthetician of 10 years and enjoy doing makeup and skincare. 

In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my daughter. We go to Disney often and have playdates with her friends.



Pharmacy Technician

Hi! I’m Krystal, the living proof that awkwardness and productivity can coexist. Back in 2021 when the world was at its weakest, I decided to venture to new beginnings where I would later find my "forever home" here at Magnolia Pharmacy. 

By day, I gracefully stumble through life, channeling my passion into work to help others. But when the sun sets, you'll find me embracing my true identity as a proud homebody, exploring the cinematic wonders of movies. 

On weekends you'll find me outdoors soaking in the sunshine whether it be hiking or picnicking with my beautiful daughter and husband (although I'm a big baby when it comes to any form of insects and birds).



Pharmacy Technician

Born and raised in San Antonio, I am so thrilled to have joined the Magnolia Pharmacy team to help service my hometown community. Most of you know me by my extremely extrovert personality (yes, that’s a joke).  By now you’ve noticed that I’m not the most outgoing person in the pharmacy so let me introduce myself … Hi! I’m Haley!

I have a passion for all things animals, art, and organization. When I’m not working in the pharmacy, I am usually doing one of the following: laying in bed watching true crime documentaries, acting like a weirdo to hype up all of my fur babies, meticulously cleaning anything I can get my hands on, or elbows deep in a new DIY project. 


Shannon, Pharm.D

Owner & Pharmacist

I have been a pharmacist since 2010 and have owned Magnolia Pharmacy since 2013. When I am not at work, I spend a lot of time expanding my knowledge in foundational health by taking courses from experts in functional medicine.

When I am not working on work, I put my husband to work. Putting his woodworking skills to use to build displays for the pharmacy and projects for the home. I’m sure many of you have seen his beautiful craftsmenship in the store, and I couldn’t have made Magnolia Pharmacy what it is without his support and hard work.

My hobbies include spoiling my terriers, decorating then redecorating, spending time outside, whether it's sitting on the back porch kayaking, taking the dogs to the park, traveling to places with nice weather and good hiking, reading and watching movies.