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September 19, 2023

Photo credit: Texas Health

Let’s stay ahead of the curve this cold & flu season with the right dietary supplement.

We’re back with more info on our immunity boxes! The next product from our cold & flu boxes we want to highlight is: Qubeco: Immune Primer.


What’s Qubeco?

Qubeco is a powerful dietary supplement containing a specific combination of well-researched immunomodulators. It works to quickly and effectively prime and strengthen your immune systems.

You get the vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal immunity, including zinc and quercein (big factors in preventing Covid).

All in one tablet you have:

  • A Covid preventative
  • Strengthened immunity
  • Strengthened respiratory health
  • All-day protection
  • A delicious pineapple zest flavor
  • Reduced duration & severity of symptoms
  • Supported health & normal activity of immune cells

These delicious quick-melt tablets require no water, can be taken anytime, have zero sugar, and zero artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. They’re safe for daily, long-term use and are non-drowsy.


Studies to Back it Up

Qubeco is a combination of quercetin, beta-glucan, and colostrum. Check out this abstract from a study on the prevention of the flu when taking colostrum!

“The efficacy of a 2-month treatment with oral colostrum in the prevention of flu episodes compared with antiinfluenza vaccination was evaluated. Groups included healthy subjects without prophylaxis and those receiving both vaccination and colostrum. After 3 months of follow-up, the number of days with flu was 3 times higher in the non-colostrum subjects. The colostrum group had 13 episodes versus 14 in the colostrum + vaccination group, 41 in the group without prophylaxis, and 57 in nontreated subjects. Part 2 of the study had a similar protocol with 65 very high-risk cardiovascular subjects, all of whom had prophylaxis. The incidence of complications and hospital admission was higher in the group that received only a vaccination compared with the colostrum groups. Colostrum, both in healthy subjects and high-risk cardiovascular patients, is at least 3 times more effective than vaccination to prevent flu and is very cost-effective” (National Library of Medicine).

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