digestive bitters
May 10, 2022

When people think of digestion issues, most people think about uncomfortable and embarrassing symptoms such as bloating, passing gas, burping, constipation, and diarrhea.

But there are some lesser-known symptoms which include feeling full after a few bites, feeling tired shortly after eating, loss of taste for meat, anemia, strong body odor, and sleeping problems.

If you are not breaking down the food you eat, then you are not getting the nutrients out of those foods. For instance, if you are not properly absorbing B vitamins when you eat, then you may feel tired all the time. Making sure food is being completely digested and making adjustments to diet is the best place to start to help with chronic conditions.

Placing a couple of drops of Digestive Bitters into your mouth before eating can do wonders when improving digestion! You may hear the word bitters and automatically think of your favorite fancy alcoholic beverage, but bitters are so much more!

What are Digestive Bitters?

Bitters are made by infusing a variety of medicinal herbs and work by stimulating digestive juices, bile and enzymes to help break down food. Depending on the medicinal herb used when creating bitters, they are also used to boost the immune system, help with inflammation, control appetite and sugar cravings, and improve liver health!